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We cover the entire KZN, We have the best recall in KZN


Welcome to Pool Nets Kzn!

Pool Nets Kzn is in its 15th year of trading and has already acquired a 50% share of the KZN market.

We believe that we have the best installation team in the country! Our supervisor has 21 years installation experience and is one of the most trustworthy men you will find.

Small pools (10 to 25 square meters) and medium pools (26 to 50 square meters) normally require one flotation system (easy release system) only! However, pools in excess of 12 meters in length will require two flotation systems for maximum safety.

Our standard of product and workmanship is endorsed with a 3 year guarantee. Installation time on small pools is 1 1/2 hours, medium pools 2 hours and large pools 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Poolnets Products

Rock pools offer additional safety with the height of rock features keeping the net higher above the water. Pool Nets KZN can install a safety net on any pool, as long as the coping and painting is secure.

Storage rollers are very convenient but are totally optional. They enable the owner to roll-up and store the net when not in use.

Leaf covers are the most Practical of  Pool Covers:

Water loss through evaporation brought about by wind and heat is greatly reduced.
Limited  algae growth.
33% Less chemical usage.
Extended creepy/baracuda life.
Extended motor life.
80% Less maintenance time required on your pool.
No leaves or Rubbish.

This is the only system that is self-funding as the savings brought about will pay for your cover within 2 to 2 1/2 years.